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A Waste Management System That Gives Back To Nature.

As a globally recognized leader in food waste management, Reddonatura stands at the forefront of the sustainable revolution, championing the cause of green, renewable solutions for daily living. Our journey is fueled by the aspiration to pave a path towards a more sustainable future—a future where waste is not seen as an end, but a new beginning. Through innovative, environmentally friendly technologies, we aim to transform waste into valuable resources, thus rendering a smooth transition on journey from garbage to green. Join us in our quest for a cleaner, greener planet.

About Us.

Reddonatura is one of the world's leading food waste solution providers. Our success is driven by our hopes of moving towards green renewable sustainable solutions for our every day. And that begins with an environmentally sound solution to transform waste into something useful.


Our Products

Organic Waste Digester - Eco-Friendly Ultimate Waste Digester

rNature fully automatic CE certified waste digester machines from Reddonatura. The rNature range of fully automatic composting machines addresses the waste management needs of variety of residential and commercial spaces. Embrace sustainability and revolutionize your waste management with our state-of-the-art Organic Waste Digester. Designed to convert organic waste into valuable compostable matter, our machine is a key player in reducing landfill dependency and promoting eco-friendly practices.


Biogas : Eco-Green Sustainable Energy for the Future

Discover the power of renewable energy with our Eco-Green Biogas Solutions. Transform organic waste into a valuable source of energy, contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.


De-Watering - Innovative Solutions

Discover the future of efficient water management with our advanced De-Watering systems. Engineered for performance, our solutions optimize water usage, enhance sustainability, and support environmental conservation efforts across various industries.


Solar - Harnessing Sustainable Energy for Tomorrow

Elevate your energy independence with our cutting-edge solar solutions. Designed for resilience and efficiency, our solar panels and systems enable homes, businesses, and communities to tap into the planet's most abundant renewable energy source—transforming sunlight into clean, sustainable power.


Shredders - Advanced Solutions for Efficient Waste Management

Embrace the future of waste management with our state-of-the-art shredding solutions. Designed for versatility and efficiency, our shredders transform various materials into manageable sizes, facilitating recycling and disposal processes. Our comprehensive range of shredders offers unparalleled efficiency in waste processing. From robust single shaft shredders to powerful four shaft and specialized wood chippers, each model is engineered with precision & designed to meet and exceed the varied requirements of our esteemed clientele.


Trommel Screens - Enhanced, Precision Waste Sorting Solutions

Reddonatura offers high-performance trommel screens meticulously engineered to optimize waste sorting and recycling processes. Maximize your sorting efficiency with our cutting-edge Trommel Screens, meticulously engineered to meet a wide range of industry requirements. Ideal for waste management, recycling, and resource recovery, our Trommel Screens ensure optimal separation performance, enhancing productivity and sustainability across various waste management applications, from landfill sites to recycling plants.


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Our Service - Support for Sustainable Solutions

Experience unparalleled service and support tailored to our range of eco-friendly products. Our dedicated team ensures your investment in sustainability is maximized with comprehensive care and expertise.


Industries Served - Diverse Industries Empowered by Our Eco-Solutions

Discover how our innovative eco-solutions, including Organic Waste Digesters, De-Watering Systems, Solar Solutions, Shredders, and Trommel Screens, are revolutionizing waste management and sustainability across a broad spectrum of industries.

  • Restaurant
  • Resort
  • Apartments
  • Parks
  • Tourism
  • Municipality
  • Hotel
  • Airports
  • Agriculture
  • Railway Station

Our Esteemed Clientele

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